Monday, October 31, 2011

The last day in October

Today is the last day of October and it's been a whirl wind of a month. To me, this month has always gone by at a snails pace but this time it's like life was in fast forward motion. My sister, who never sits down, was always suggesting things to do and we had a lot of exciting firsts happen!

Millie lost her first tooth! And then her second a few days later.

Granddad built a fire and cooked smores for the kids!

We went to the Kid's Museum on Bainbridge Island

We baked goodies!

The cousins came to visit!

Henry used the potty for the first time!!!

Henry used water colors for the first time.

Henry completed NASA training. THAT was a big day.

We took the kids to a corn maze/pumpkin patch.

Granddad spent .50 on a whoopee cushion that the kids thought was priceless.

We went to Raab park and enjoyed the good weather and pretty leaves.

We took the kids to see Puss and Boots and it's the first time Henry sat through an entire movie.

Finally, we went trick or treating with our cousins, Millie, Chase and Taylor.
Not pictured is Henry's first time swimming which he ended up really enjoying and a "hike" through the new-ish Fish Park here in Poulsbo. It was a busy month but a good month and I'm sure November will be no different. While there are some days that I just want to sit and do nothing, I really do feel thankful for a family who keeps me on my feet to help me keep from thinking about how sad I am without Andrew here. We are into week seven of this separation and he has 7 more weeks of training that will hopefully fly by just as fast. I am just thankful that he will be finished with training in time to spend Christmas with us. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is that a huge wad of cash on the ground?

Remember that time I thought a wadded up ball of napkins in the middle of the Target isle was cash and went through mental hell to reach it only to find out it was napkins?

Yeaahhhhh, today was worse than that. My sister and I went to Walmart to grab some needed things (namely Lysol, Lysol and more Lysol seeing as I'm on my 2 or 3 cold this month) and after paying I got $100 cash back, all in twenty dollar bills, jammed it in my tiny purse and went on my way. I was already having a rough morning and forced myself to get out and run several errands so by the time Walmart shopping was over I was drained and Henry, who is also sick again, was ready for his nap. I was clumsy when getting him into his seat and dropped my purse which I immediately bent down to get as I saw a nickle roll from it. Big whoop.

I get in the car and happened to glance into my rear view mirror and see a walmart worker move fast to pick up some "trash". "That's unusual" I think. And then I think to myself, "That lucky bastard just found money. I wish I was that lucky. All I find are wads of napkins."  "I should make sure that cash wasn't mine." I peek into my wallet and sure enough the money is gone. I jump out of the car and see a twenty under my tire. I grab it and then start running at full speed down the parking lot, looking left and right but I can't find the guy. Finally I see him and he's getting into his car and I yell "Hey! I think you grabbed my money!"

He nervously got out of his car and said, "Yes, I..I..I.. was going on break but was going to turn it in when I got off."

I smiled and said, "Ok!" Not sarcastically. I wanted to believe him but as I walk back to my car I can feel how hot the bills are from being clutched tightly in his hands and I feel bad. I'm always dreaming of finding a wad of cash on the ground, he must have messed his pants about finding $60.

That's right. $60. Plus the twenty that I found by my tire. That's just $80. I'm still missing a bill. I knew he didn't have it. I was counting the times he grabbed "trash" on the ground and I knew the $60 was all he had. So I crawled on my hands and knees in the parking lot looking for the last bill.




Used baby diaper

Napkin (There is no bigger tease)

Finally on the other side of the car next to me there it was, next to their drivers door, waiting for a new owner. Was my purse so offensive? Didn't it know how much I loved it and all of the nice things I was going to use it for? And now it was trying to hitch a ride with a lame Windstar mini van when it could be cruising with me in my super awesome Scion rocking to Yo Gabba Gabba.

I felt the guilt as I picked up the last bill as well. Thinking about how it really would have made the day of that walmart shopper as they returned to their vehicle.

But alas, this chick has bills to pay.

I'm blessed. It was a windy day and the guy could have told me to get lost and kept my money. I'm blessed to have found every bill.

And I also won $20 off of a $1 scratch ticket last night. And despite my mother publicly outing my purchase of $11 dollars in scratch tickets (a second one of which I won $2) I still made a $11 dollar profit and that's still dang good.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

practice run

My sister and I decided to wear Day of the Dead makeup for Halloween this year so I did some practice runs tonight. I used cheapo Halloween makeup from Walmart but now that I know the makeup is simple to do I'm going to get some good makeup to use on Halloween night. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going for half or full face makeup, white base or my natural skin color, and the colors and the patterns are not concrete either. It's a lot of fun to practice and try new patterns though. The makeup sticks from walmart are dull and while I look the thicker petals I prefer the thinner lines on the mouth and teeth that a good pencil with a fine tip would make. Also with a finer pencil I will be able to add more details around other areas of the face. We decided that we would like to use false eyelashes and along with the flowers we are wearing small lace veils. We are also going to experiment with using a doily as a stencil on the forehead piece and see how that comes out. Lastly, jewels to accent the top of the forehead at the ends of the web, at the chin and maybe a few around the eyes. We have some old Mexican Wedding dresses that we are going to alter and we are thinking some cowboy boots.