Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knock Off Ocean Water

I'm a fan of Sonic drive in. I knew when we got to Georgia that I was going to have to be careful with how much I indulge myself on their delicious burgers and drinks. So far so good. But the other day as I'm sipping on my favorite drink, Ocean Water, I realize that the coconut flavor isn't as strong and that it tastes just like Sprite. And then I realized it was Sprite. With blue dye and coconut flavoring. Maybe I should have been disappointed at the lack of magic but instead I was thrilled. And even more thrilling was learning that Sonic sells their little rabbit turd shaped ice by the bag. Super fun to crunch on.

 So today I went to Walmart for the ingredients, stopped by Sonic for a bag of ice (Just 1.99 a bag btw) and as I type this I am sipping on my very own and much less expensive Ocean Water. I even added some blue food coloring for authenticity. I like mine better because I can add as much coconut flavoring as I want. And I want mine super coconutty!

PS.I realize that I am probably the last person in the world to discover this simple recipe but thought I might share anyway.

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