Sunday, February 5, 2012

Settling In

The boxes are almost all emptied. Just a few mirror packs that need to be hidden away in the closet remain and empty boxes that need to be taken to the trash. Henry is loving his new room and our worthless cat Charlie is extremely content and comfortable.

The new apartment is smaller than our last place and doing without our things for nearly 5 months made me see things a little clearer when our stuff arrived. We have taken 2 large car loads of STUFF to the local Goodwill.

Today we took a drive over to SC and walked around a lake, soaking up the sun. I felt the last of my seasonal depression evaporate into the air and leave me, hopefully for good. We've only been here a few weeks but I know I'll be happy here. I like new places. Fresh starts.

The only trouble is making new friends. It's difficult for me. Depression gone or not, the anxiety is always there making me paranoid and overly cautious. I was so blessed to meet Margaret, Desiree and Meghann in California. They were, and still are, each a necessary element in my life. The perfect balance of happiness in friendship. I still haven't come to terms with how long it might be before I see them all again.

I may or may not be screening other women for possible friendships. -____-

Do you think it's appropriate to write an open letter on a military spouses facebook page advertising for 3 friends that are as charming,open minded, hilarious and kind as Triple MD? Yeah...I didn't think so either. Even If I did sing it like those kids from Mary Poppin's looking for a new nanny...

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