Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

It's been a while since I've updated my blog and I think today is a great day to do it.

Today is a Memorial Day and for the last few years Memorial Day has caused me to reflect more on the purpose of the holiday rather than the BBQ's and the day off.

Both my Great Grandfather, who is still living, and my Great Grandmother served in WWII. My Grandfather was in the Army Air Force and then later the Air Force when it separated from the army. He flew in planes over Europe during the war. He hand transported the radioactive bombs that have, through the years, caused him to have cancer removed from his arms. He flew mission that were so important to the war that the Queen of England recognized he and his unit for their valour. His wife, my Great Grandmother, served as a nurse during WWII as well. That is how they met and fell in love. I grew up hearing stories from my Great Grandmother and Grandmother (Nini) about this time and I have always felt proud to be their granddaughter.

The romance of a military life that I imagined from my Grandparents stories faded around my teen years.
I grew up around a Navy town. I always heard of the struggles the wives of Sailors had. Their husbands being gone for 6 months to a year+ at times. They struggled with loneliness, some of them struggling with being unfaithful. I always said I would never be a military wife. I could see that it was a difficult and strenuous life for the wives and I imagined just as difficult for the men.

So it still surprises me that year later, her I am, a military wife. I truly never imagined I would ever be the wife of an Airman. I feel such pride in my husband. Watching him get through BMT and other training, feeling the loneliness of TDY's and long days but knowing that it's worth it and feeling grateful that his job doesn't often deploy him. I feel proud of him, proud of me and proud of the military life we lead.

I feel crushing sadness at times for the women and families who have lost their soldiers or who see their husbands 6 months out of the year. I feel sadness for men and women who lose their limbs and suffer from PTSD because of the violence they have to experience and witness. But more importantly I feel thankful. Thankful for both the soldiers and the spouses and family who support them so that our freedoms and rights and lives are protected. I am thankful for the men and women who risk life and limb to keep our country safe and to protect those who cannot defend themselves. I think that is what makes me the proudest is to see our soldiers put their lives on the line for the helpless. To fight for those who are silenced by fear and to help give them a voice again.

I am thankful.

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  1. Thanks for your comment Micah! I didn't know that you had worked for an adoption agency. That's great. We are learning all about the world of adoption and finding out all kinds of connections we have that we didn't know about.
    It seems like you guys are having a good time in the South (except for the mosquitoes). Wade grew up all over the South and he really wants to go back.
    I hope you all are doing well!