Thursday, August 11, 2011

fighting the guilt of a lazy day

I've earned a lazy day this week. Especially after working "overtime" most nights in the last week. Yesterday evening I cleaned out and organized my craft storage room until 9:45. But no matter how much I've earned it I can't help but feel guilty about it anyway. Or maybe it's the fear of 1 day turning in to 2.

 I will give myself credit in showering and getting out the door before 10am this morning. I was planning on being naughty and making another trip to Michael's but last minute I went to Goodwill instead to see if they might have what I need first. They didn't but I got a few useful things.

The first good find was a brand new Dr.Seuss book, Fox in Socks. This is a Dr.Seuss book that I've seen but never read. Have you ever tried reading it? It's almost painful. My tongue and jaw were sore by the end and I'm pretty sure my son had a, "what the hell are you reading to me" moment. I did enjoy the challenge though.

I also purchased a cheapo place mat with a map of the world on it so Henry can learn the states, countries and oceans. The ladies that work in this particular Goodwill are nutty and nonsensical and extremely giving. I've come to love them. Today's nutty worker was checking out my items when she notice that two didn't have price tags. A brand new coffee mug and the cheapo placemat. She charged one dollar for the place mat and fifty cents for the new mug and I giggled in my head. It doesn't bother me. They've given me items for nothing before, (shhh, I don't know if they are even allowed to do that but they refuse to let me pay!!!) so I have no problem paying $1 for a place mat that is worth less than a 1ply piece of toilet paper.

My other purchase was a to-go coffee mug which was also one dollar AND pink, so double win.

The day is still young and my crafty bone is itching. Maybe I will get something useful done today after all.....

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