Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Michaels, nap, beach, fingerpaints, the end

I wanted to make Henry's finger paints but a trip to the grocery store to get the ingredients I was missing sounded like torture and any excuse to go to Michael's is a good one, especially because the place is almost always a ghost town so I don't have to fight to get through the isles. We spent over an hour there while I placed a million things in my cart and then felt buyer remorse before I even purchased, resulting in taking the items out of my cart and leaving them in isles where they didn't belong. I'm sure this is frustrating for the employees but like I said, the place is a ghost town so I like to to think I'm keeping them busy enough to make their work day fly by!

I got several unplanned for items which I now have a super secret plan for. In a few weeks my friend Margaret is coming for a visit and this will be the last time that our close group of four friends will be together for a long time. My family is being re stationed, Des's family will be re stationed before the end of the year and Margaret lives in Oregon as of last April. Poor Meghann will be left here without all of us. So I have a special night planned for my girls.

But back to finger painting. I will admit, as couch potatoes tend to be, I've been pretty lazy about teaching Henry new things. As a result, today, at 2.2 years old, he finger painted for the first time. He loved it and I loved it too. I even did a couple of paintings myself.

Here is my dear boy with his first painting. He looks proud doesn't he?

Our trip to the beach was kind of unsuccessful. I went to find some smooth stones and thought I went to a good beach to find them but I was definitely wrong. I think I need to find some river stones. Stones or not we had a lot of fun. Henry could throw rocks in the water until his arms fall off if I'd let him. I sifted through the course sand finding minuscule shells and beach glass. The weather wasn't too hot or too cold. In wasn't to sunny or cloudy and the wind was minimal so we had fun.

Henry played in the tidal pools. There were lots of little critters in the water.
Today was a busy and great day. Next up is bed time for Henry and a movie for me and the husband, in bed.

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