Friday, August 12, 2011

a great day to make up for past bad days and bad days to come

Today has been a simple and yet extraordinary day with so many contributing factors. It's Friday, it's pay day, I spent time with wonderful friends this afternoon and heard great news from my beautiful sister. I am trying out a new snack recipe, Henry took a long nap and is now playing nicely by himself and I'm thinking we should celebrate all of our blessings with a nice dinner out on the town. Last time I got to choose the restaurant and so I asked my husband where he would like to go tonight and no word yet. I'm secretly hoping he will hand the choice back over to me so we can go to Lalla Grill which has been my choice for the last 3 outings. It's just so yummy that I can't think of any where else I'd rather go.

First of all it looks like this:

This is the outside patio, the inside is just as wonderful.

And second of all their menu is wonderful! I have to admit. I've ordered the same thing every time I've gone but only because it's so amazing. I order the Carpet Bagger Steak Bites which are oysters wrapped in steak strips and a piece of bacon served on a bed of baby arugula with a honey mustard dressing and the combination of flavors really does it for me. Last time we went Andrew chose the crab cakes and we traded one for one and they were  just as delicious.

I have yet to try a dessert there but have heard wonderful things about it and I've enjoyed several of their drinks which are very creative and have cute names. The atmosphere is really nice and the servers have all been wonderful. The seating is comfortable and intimate and the food is decently priced. In fact you will pay the same for a crappy meal at Applebees as you would at Lalla's. Did I mention they buy and use local, organic produce and meats? And their kids meals are wonderful. We ordered Henry the chicken strips which were actual pieces of chicken that were breaded and baked and were so very tasty! No processed meats here! Everything is house made.

Well, my honey roasted chickpeas are almost done cooking. Just 10 more minutes for the honey to cook until it creates a nice shell and then we shall tastes the goodness. Hopefully!

*The above picture was taken from the Lalla Grill website.


  1. Oh man, I want to go to a restaurant that uses organics! That sounds amazing. [=

  2. I like the furniture at that restaurant.... I understand why you would go back ;D
    VERY MODERN ..... & by the way, I also like this floral background for your blog :D