Monday, August 15, 2011

Fire! Muwhahaha!

Aren't these flash cards cute? They are Earth Vocabulary Flash Cards by Mr.Printables and they're free!

When I showed Henry the picture of the flame he said, "Hot!" He didn't know the word fire because I always called it danger and hot. So the day I made these I taught him the word fire which he then repeat with squinted eyes and a menacing voice. "Noooooo." I said. Not "Fiiiiiiirrrreeee." Just, FIRE. And danger!"
Is it a boy thing to find fire so fascinating? He hasn't really seemed too interested in it until I taught him the word and then it ignited this primitive intuition about how powerful it is. Or at least that's what his borderline creepy little voice seemed to tell me.

Anyway, I printed these adorable flash cards, rounded the corners and laminated them. I also added the hole and the ring so that they will all stay together. Just click the word Mr. Printables above to go to their page. They have abc's and number flash cards as well as lots of other great teaching printables.

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