Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i'm a night owl

I've been up since 6am, Henry napped 45 minutes and house work has kept me on my feet all day so when 4pm rolled around I was done. Tired, achy and sleepy. All good reasons to jump into bed and get a good, deep sleep. The problem is, I can't go to sleep at 4pm when I'm tired. I still have to make dinner, feed Henry, get him ready for bed and in bed by 7:30. Then I have to clean the kitchen, pick up whatever toys he didn't and finish laundry. By the time that's all done I've got a second wind that can sometimes last until 2am.

I get weird at night though. Maybe it's the silence in my home that causes it, but I get emotional, contemplative and a little kooky. I also dream up grand plans, most of which never happen. I write up weeks worth of meal plans and list names of future children and some times I dance alone. I torture myself on Foodgawkers and than wander drooling into my kitchen where I eat what ever is most likely to give me diabetes or a heart attack. I watch infomercials, facebook creep and consider waking up my son to play because he's so much fun late at night. In fact, he might be just like me. There are many nights when he will talk loudly in his bed until 11pm. He's perfectly content in there, imagining amazing adventures... I'm sure.

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