Saturday, August 13, 2011

sinful and the Biebs

I picked out some nail polish last night after dinner at Lalla Grill (my wish was his command) and this morning I took some time to paint my nails. I always paint one nail in the store before I purchase a color and I picked several that were just awesome. Not only in color but in price at just $1.99 a bottle. Last night I bought two different colors by SINFULCOLORS PROFESSIONAL.  The first one, Dream On. A beautiful hot fuchsia-ish color. I also bought Midnight Blue which is the color that it sounds.

Here are my nails painted with Dream On.

And here is my ring finger painted in the Midnight Blue.

A tip for painting with the Dream On: It actually dries in a really cool mat texture so if you want the shine you need to add a top coat. I use Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat. I definitely put a base on my nails before using the polish. It helps keep the polish from staining my nails and it makes my polish last longer.

Did you know that on the East Coast ladies like to have their ring fingers done with an extra special polish or decals or rhinestones? A lady on a forum I was on talked about it and I gotta say, I like the idea so I'm sporting it today with this fancy color.

This sparkly color is called One Less Lonely Glitter, and is designed by Justin Bieber under Nicole by O.P.I. It was on sale for $6.50 at Target and I have no idea what the original price was. Probably around $9 bucks like most O.P.I. polishes. I poked fun at my late discovery of the designer of the nail polish but really, if Justin Bieber had any actual part in designing the polish, I would have to tell him good job. It coats very well and the color is pretty.

You know when the best time to paint your nails is? After you have done the dishes, showered, gotten dress and the kids are asleep. No smears here people!

Over and out!


  1. I have like 6 of those Sinful nail polishes! I love them! I'm in love with the neon pink one, I don't know he name, it's perfect for tan little toes in the summer. [=